Special Offers from Flat cats

Sometimes we do get the sizing wrong, sometimes our customers get it wrong.

So, we have a few custom Flat Cats, totally perfect in every way but made to specific sizes.

They are a minimum of 50% off the made to measure price so see if by chance you have a window size that matches these. Prices for Flat Cats Special Offers start at just £12 and include VAT and standard postage. All our Special Offers come complete with all the fixings you need, just like a normal Flat Cat.

The measurements below represent the A & D measurements (maximum width and height) of the window measurements. If in doubt please use our sizing guide to check your window size.


Click here to visit Flat Cats special offer page

To see our full range of Special Offer Flat Cats Click Here to visit the Special Offers Page located at https://www.flat-cats.com


Customer comments

Wow!! That was quick. Thank you so much. I’m so pleased with the Flat Cats. My daughter didn’t even notice I’d put them up. She remarked on how little the mesh affects the light throughput. Of course, and very importantly, the air flow through the windows/patio doors is still there. The kittens are now safe!!
MC. Cardiff, Wales

Hi, just wanted to say that your Flat Cats window screens have changed our lives and our cat’s too!  With the hot weather we couldn’t open our windows for fear of losing our house cat but we ordered two flat cats and quickly ordered two more.  Our cat, Issey-Padstow, loves to sit by the now open but protected window watching out and taking the air.  Brilliant product and nice friendly service.  Thank you.
AT. Twyford, Berkshire